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Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a thrilling story about a teenage girl fighting for survival against an alarming totalitarian government. Her decision about which boys she likes takes a back seat to her need to stay alive. The movie is an accurate rendering of the book, but hardcore fans could be slightly disappointed that it doesn’t capture the heart and soul of the novel. It is still a good movie which entertains and maintains excitement throughout.

The Vow

The Vow is like an untested sugar substitute. You think it will be sweet and enjoyable, but in reality there is nothing of substance and it leaves you feeling empty. Make no mistake, this is a chick flick which follows the classic formula. There is nothing here buy eye candy for the lovelorn masses.

One for the Money

One for the Money is a Hollywood romantic comedy that attempts to bring excitement and action with a modern day heroine. It comes together as a weak production that doesn’t do justice in the romance or action department. In fact, after the movie you’re left to wonder what in the world they were trying to do because it fails in every way. Maybe the book would be better, but in the case of this movie you would do much better to save your money.

Man on a Ledge

Man On A Ledge is an action thriller with a fast pace that manages to keep up the level of tension throughout. The acting is good with performances which may not be Oscar worthy, but also don’t detract from the film. As the story becomes interesting the plot provides enough twists to keep you guessing.

Mission Impossible

This film moves fast and covers a lot of ground in the two hours and twelve minutes. The suspense grabs you and doesn’t let go from one action sequence to the next. The filming is exquisite from the top of the glass window heights to the gritty streets in the arms dealer ghetto. MI4 lives up to the hype and delivers a knockout punch which will leave you happily seeing stars for days afterwards.

Captain America

Captain America is a movie which starts out strong and has great character. The visuals and set design are masterful. The story has integrity and good moral messages throughout. Two thirds of the way through the plot fails to live up to these high expectations and falls into a less than stellar resolution. However, the take away is still very good for comic hero fair. Captain America is a good family movie which delivers in the excitement and thrills department and still maintains its honor.

Super 8

Super 8 is an amazing movie which sets the standard for summer action blockbusters that the whole family can enjoy. The plot pulls you in and is able to connect with viewers across a broad age range. The acting, script, pacing, characterization, suspense, computer graphics, and action sequences combine to make a superb film. Do not miss this movie.


Thor is a big budget super hero movie with top tier Hollywood talent. Unfortunately these elements do not guarantee a decent movie. The lavish computer generated gold and leather sets are propped up by a paper thin plot and wilting dialog. In the end, we don’t genuinely care about the characters and there is too much that just doesn’t make sense. If you are a huge comic book or super hero fan, then by all means rush out to see Thor. However, if you are a mere mortal with the hope that there will be an interesting story and acting, then save yourself the colossal disappointment.


Hanna is a visually striking roller coaster of action, adventure, and wide eyed discovery. The fit and finish of this movie is so good, that the plot takes a back seat and we’re just glad to go along for the ride. Acting is high caliber and the story explores the darker side of motivation, fear, and loyalty. It’s a violent movie that is dark and haunting, but scores high in the action, suspense, and thrills department.

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